This page is to introduce the public to the first limited edition book by Vincent Livelli: Historietas

It is a letter sized, coffee table book/ soft cover filled with letters, short stories, pictures and interviews.

Vincent's story spans from his grandfather being kidnapped by gypsies in Italy in the 1860's who made his way to  New York by way of Russia to the roaring 20's in New York to the post war world of the seven seas and ships. It features New York bohemians, kings and princesses, the mafia, smuggling and the world of the XXth century that is disappearing with every passing day.


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" 'Historietas' tells the tales of the XXth century seen through a semi deaf world traveller who is a dancer, a lover and devotee of afro-cuban music, Santeria, women, sailing and smuggling . He sailed 62 ships around the world and mingled with kings, princesses, mobsters, musicians and poets "- The editor