// Oracle Sisters 2018-2019 //


Vins des Pyrenees, December 17th, Paris 2017

Olympic Cafe, November 17th, Paris 2017

August 7th, Festival Pyrenees, France 2017

June 6th, ISLA Embiez, France 2017

March 25th, Le Tigre, Paris, France 2017

August 27th, Toiano, (Villa Lena) Italy 2016

May 23rd, Berlin, NYC 2016

April 11th, Diviera Drive, NYC 2016

April 4th, Diviera Drive, NYC 2016

March 19th, Alphaville, NYC 2016

January 22nd, Mercury Lounge, NYC 2016

August 27th-Niagara, NYC, 2015

July 29-Happy Ending, NYC, 2015

July 21-Happy Ending, NYC, 2015

July 7-Happy Ending, NYC, 2015

April 12th-Happy Ending, NYC, 2015

March 3rd-Cameo, NYC, 2015

February 16th-Cakeshop, NYC, 2015

February 15th-Secret show, BK, 2015

December 22nd-Cakeshop, NYC, 2014

December 15th-Cakeshop, NYC, 2014

Oct 27th-Cakeshop, NYC, 2014

September 10th-The Troubadour, London, 2014

August 25th-Henry Cellar's, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2014

August 20th-The Troubadour, London, 2014

July-Villa Lena, Italy, 2014

June 5th, Le Poisson Rouge, New York, 2014

May 13th, Baby's Alright, New York, 2014

April 26th, 7 Train Sessions, New York, 2014

April 18th, NYU, New York, 2014

March 8th, Sueños, Granada, Nicaragua, 2014

February 17th, Galleria de la Libertad, Granada, Nicaragua, 2014

February 7th, The Paper Box (Creators Connect), Brooklyn, 2014

February 5th, Bowery Electric, 2014

January 28th, Pianos, LES, NY, 2014

January 27th-Pianos, LES, NY, 2014

January 18th-The Mercantile, Dublin, Ireland, 2014

January 17th-The Grand Social, Dublin, Ireland 2014

December 15th-Santos Party House, NYC 2013

December 14th-The Half Moon/Hudson, NY 2013

December 13th-Acoustic Music Works/Pittsburgh, PA

December 12th-Woodlands Tavern/Columbus, OH

December 10th-Rabbit Hash G.S/Rabbit Hash, KY

December 6th-Zia’s/Asheville, NC

December 5th-Motorco/Durham, NC

December 4th-The Deep South Bar/ Raleigh, NC

December 3rd-The Blue Moon/Charlottesville, VA

December 1st-The Light Well/Orange, VA

November 29th-The Deep End club/NYC

November 28th-Heartland/campbell hall, NY

November 27th-Marketplace Cafe/Pittsfield, MA

November 26th-Psychic Readings/Providence, RI

November 24th-Boat shop/Martha’s Vineyard

November 23rd-bullmoose music/portland, ME

November 22nd-Oak and the Axe/Biddeford, ME

November 21st-f-8 Gallery-Kennebunkport,ME

November 20th-Old Vines-Kennebunkport, ME

November 1st-Pianos/LES/2013

October 31st-Leadbelly/LES/2013

October 24th-Leadbelly/LES/2013

October 21st-Grape and Vine/LES/2013

October 17th-Leadbelly/LES/2013

October 10th-Leadbelly/LES/2013

October 3rd-Leadbelly/LES/2013

September 26th-Leadbelly/LES/2013

September 25th-Entwine/W.Village/2013

September 20th-Apostrophe/BK/2013

-September 19th-Leadbelly/LES 2013

September 15th-The Daylife Festival/LES/2013

September 5th-The Leadbelly/LES/2013

August 30th-The Jalopy Theatre/Redhook/2013

August 29th-The Leadbelly/LES/2013

August 24th-106 Perry st/W.Village/2013

July 27th-Chilmark/Martha’s Vineyard/2013

July 23rd-The Shrine/Harlem/2013

July 19th-Shakespeare Farm Festival/New Paltz/2013

July 18th-The Leadbelly/LES/2013

July 11th-The Leadbelly/LES/2013

June 20th-The Leadbelly/LES/2013

June 13th-The Leadbelly/LES/2013

May 15th-The Way Station/Brooklyn/2013

May 13th- Manhattan Inn/Greenpoint/2013

April 16th/Pianos/LES/2013

April 10th/Cameo Gallery/BK/2013

March 15th/The Living Room/LES/2013

March 14th/Pete’s Candy Store/BK/2013

March 13th/The Bitter End/W.Village/2013

February 24th/Tammany Hall/LES 2013

February 4th/Pianos/LES 2013

January 31st/Spike Hill/Williamsburg 2013

January 25th/Sidewalk/LES 2013

January 22nd/The Way Station/BK 2013

January 20th/The Living Room/NYC 2013

January 19th/Bardot Heights/NYC 2013

January 18th/Nublu/NY 2013

January 12th/Otto’s Shrunken Head/NY 2013

January 11th/Arlene’s Grocery/NY 2013

January 10th/Bridgette Bardot/BK 2013

December 30th/Tel Aviv/The Holy Land 2012

December 13th/Coco Bar-Film Screening/NY 2012

December 12th/Bowery Electric/NY 2012

December 8th/Apostrophe Gallery/NY 2012

December 7th/The Living Room/NY 2012

Nov 30th/Bardot Heights/NY 2012

Nov 29th/Left Field Bar/NY 2012

Nov 26th/Pianos/NY 2012

Nov 23rd/Recoup lounge/NY 2012

Nov 18th/Cakeshop/NY 2012

Oct 27th/Apostrophe/Brooklyn 2012

Sept 26th/Anyway cafe/NY 2012

Sept 25th/Anyway cafe/NY 2012

Sept 8th/The Living Room/NY/2012

August 6th/Anyway cafe/NY/2012

June 20th/Kultur Fabrik/Berlin/2012

April 13th/culture fix/clinton street/2012

April 12th/The Living Room/2012

April 2nd/Otto’s Shrunken Head/14th street/2012

March 13th/The Trash bar/williasmsburg/2012

March 3rd, Googie’s Lounge/LES/2012

Feb 29th/Otto’s Shrunken Head/ 14th street/2012

Feb 20th/The Local 269/l3s/2012

February 17th/Googie’s Lounge/LES/2012

February 11th/Googie’s Lounge/l3s/2012

January 27th/the shrine/harlem 2012

December 17th/secret show for Tiffany/bushwick 2011

December 2nd/roots cafe/ brooklyn 2011

November 29th/the shrine/harlem 2011

August 22nd/the shrine/harlem 2011

August 14th/rockwood music hall/NYC 2011

August 7th/mercury lounge/NYC 2011

July 22nd-hotel griffou/W 9th St.-2011

April 10th-lakeside lounge/Av. B-2011

April 3oth-the living room/Ludlow St.-2011

March 8th/the sugar bar/72nd street-2011

March 5th/the fish bar/e.5th Street-2011

March 1st/the sugar bar/72nd street-2011

February 27th/the shrine/harlem-2011

February 25th/bruar falls/brooklyn-2011

February 24th/cafe orwell/brooklyn-2011